Instagram Aesthetics

Julija creates Instagram grids for brands and personalities with a unique vision and without following any templates.

“I want to create grids that make you want to follow, even if the account is for eyeglass frames or another product that you need once every two years.

My goal is to communicate values, a special atmosphere, to put together a compositionally correct image, which has space for the eyes and hints for taste, sound, smell, and other senses,” shares julija.

IG Aesthetics 1
IG Aesthetics 2


The first step is creating an aesthetic direction. You will receive homework, which we will discuss during the consultation and refine the desired image, desired aesthetics and mood.

Second step – I will create a grid of 18-27 “squares” from brand or other legal photos (in the process I edit the photos according to my vision).

Price: from 170 EUR (may increase depending on the number of photos and the complexity of the task).


You will receive a document that captures the aesthetic direction of the brand: keywords, visual and meaningful values and ways of revealing them in visuals.

in the document you will also find an Instagram wall project that you can implement yourself. Its deconstruction is attached to the wall – it is explained in detail what the function of the selected frames is and how they communicate the brand’s values.

if necessary, the document is supplemented with a photo session plan and guidelines for working with the photographer.

IG Aesthetics 3

How to create ig grids that impress?

for those who want to learn how to construct aesthetic and effective grids, I created an online course - "instagram visual"

*available only in lithuanian

Monthly dose of aesthetic inspirations and dopamine for the eyes.